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Searching, Sorting & Filtering
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The MailCOPA database (both the built-in Nexus database and the optional MySQL database) can hold vast numbers of messages, spanning many years. The writer has a database containing over 100,000 messages spanning more than 15 years.

How do you manage this, finding the messages you want, listing them in the order you want?

MalCOPA has sophisticated facilities to handle all this.

Searching messages

There are two different search facilities:

Search in an individual message (currently being viewed) for a word or phrase: for details please see here.

Search a specified folder (or all folders) for messages containing a word or phrase: for details please see here.


This can be applied to several areas:

In the Mail Received window, so that you can view a list of recently downloaded messages by Date Received, Subject, From, To etc.

In Messages List, where you can add and remove columns for each Folder, and by clicking on the header of a column to list it by that field.

In the Search Folders window


In addition to filtering messages as they arrive (for instance into different folders according to the source or content of the message), other filters are available, lists of messages can be filtered:

Custom Filters in the Messages window.

In the Search window

In the Mail Received window