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Search in Folder(s)
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The Search Mail window can be accessed by using the Search  button on the main toolbar or by using the menu options Utilities menu-arrow Search

This function allows you to quickly and easily find a message within the current user's folders, based on the presence of word(s) or phrases.

A search can be restricted to the current folder (with or without sub-folders), or all folders.

The speed of a search will depend on the quantity of data you have. If a word is not present somewhere in the message database, the search will tell you this extremely quickly. If it is present, the search will take longer as a check is then made for the exact whereabouts of messages containing the word or phrase.

After mail is collected, the search database will be updated in the background. This may explain any unexplained activity, which is nothing to be concerned about.

Also, as messages are deleted, entries in the search database related to them will be gradually purged in the background. Again, you may be aware of background activity, which should not concern you.

To: From: and CC: entries in the header will be included as well as the Subject:

The following methods are supported all searches are case-insensitive):

Mail will find the word mail.

Mail* will find any any word starting with mail

Mail???? will find any 8 letter words that start with mail

"Email Client"  will find messages that contain the phrase email client

MailCOPA near InterVations will find any message where MailCOPA appears within 8 words of InterVations

AND or NOT modifiers are available. AND is used by default where no operator is give so email and client is the same as email client. Email OR client will find messages with email or client in them. Email AND NOT client will find messages with email in them but without any occurrence of the word client

LIKE modifier will find words that sound like this: for example LIKE their will match their and there.

Should you have problems with searching, it is possible that your search database needs cleaning up. The utility for rebuilding the search database is not currently available within MailCOPA. You will need to contact MailCOPA Support, but please describe fully the problems you are experiencing so that a decision can be made as to whether the utility is required, or if there are other possible reasons for your problems.

Once messages have been found, you can list them by different fields by clicking on the relevant field column header. A second click will reverse the order of sort by that field (eg from ascending to descending).

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Regular Expressions

This allows you to search for patterns rather than just text strings, and allows the search of just header or body, see above.

This is  a complex subject - for more detailed information do an internet search for it, or see Here are some brief details:

foo will only find foo, f* will find such strings as fo, foo, fouks etc

receive[s|d] will find receives and received.