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Information Panel
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Accessed from Configuration menu-arrow Preferences menu-arrow Messages menu-arrow Viewing menu-arrow Headers

This allows the setting of headers to be displayed in the Information Panel (see below) and on message print-outs. Any header(s) present in the message may be displayed or printed, even non-standard ones (eg X-Env-Sender).

NOTE that this applies to the Information Panels at the top of both the Quick Viewer and the Main Viewer. The Information Panel in each of these can be shown or hidden in the General Configuration.

Click on a HotSpot on the image below:



The Information Panel

This is displayed as part of the Quick Viewer:



The headers displayed in the Information Panel can also be configured by right-clicking on it and selecting Customise Headers from the context menu.

If attachments have been deleted from the message, or if it has a label, this information will be displayed on the information panel too.

Right-clicking produces the context menu shown allowing the following:

Copy - Allows copying to the clipboard of any of the header lines listed, whether or not they are displayed on the Information Panel

Select All - Select the whole of this header line (the one nearest when the menu was invoked)

Add Address - Provides a shortcut to adding a highlighted address to the Address Books

Trace Message - Show the message's passage across the internet from source to destination (you)

Customise headers - Opens the configuration shown above to specify which headers should be displayed here.

Other Print settings are here.

The settings for the information panel can be accessed from the Quick Viewer and separate Viewer