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Quick Viewer
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This forms part of the Main Window

The contents of a message selected in the Messages List will be displayed in the Quick Viewer.

It carries a part of the Main Toolbar, the buttons that are relevant to its function.

Any internet links (eg will be highlighted and if clicked will open the default browser which will fetch the page in the link. 

If a word has an asterisk immediately before it AND an asterisk immediately after it, it will be displayed in *bold*

Similarly underscores (_) immediately before and after a word will result in its being _underlined_. 

The Quick Viewer will normally be visible but can be turned off from Configure menu-arrow Preferences menu-arrow General (details here). This can be useful if a rogue message crashes MailCOPA on being viewed, or you wish to avoid offensive content.

The format (Plain Text or HTML) in which the message will be displayed can be set here. If there is no Plain Text section, then a notification will be displayed to this effect and the message will only be displayed in full if switched to HTML format.

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