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When you install MailCOPA it will automatically start as a 30-day evaluation version - no registration is required.

Pricing of registration depends on the number of users allowed, and whether it is a single or multi machine installation. For details of pricing please see our web site.

At any time during the evaluation period you can apply for a Registration Key, using the Registration Form or enter a Registration Key if you have one.

Outside the evaluation period, unless registered, MailCOPA will only display the Registration Dialog, and the Registration Form (which can only be sent to Intervations by mail, or another emailer), but no other functions will be available.

Registration is specific to the machine which holds the data - if you are using MailCOPA as a standalone installation on a single machine then this is simple. However, if it is being used on several machines on a network, then you must be sure to undertake the registration process on the machine that holds the data. A Serial Number is generated, and you will need to quote this to Intervations in order to get the corresponding Registration Key.

Getting a Registration Key

Use the menu option Help menu-arrow Register MailCOPA - this will bring up a dialog for entering the Registration Key. If you do not already have one, then press the button to open the Registration Form - this will include the Serial Number for that machine.

Complete all of the relevant fields, ensuring that you specify the number of user licences you require for your MailCOPA installation, and whether you require a single-machine licence (for a standalone machine) or a multi-machine licence (for several installations on different machines on a network all accessing a central data store).

You may always upgrade to a larger number of users in the future if you wish.

Payment is normally by credit card - please ensure that the address details you provide are those of the CREDIT CARD HOLDER

Payment can also be made via PayPal.

The registration form shows the Serial Number (unique to this computer) and Reseller ID. Press the Secure Online Registration button, and you will be taken to our secure server, where you can specify the type of licence (single/multi machine, number of users), and, after payment, obtain a registration key.

If MailCOPA is outside its evaluation period, then go to our secure server and enter the details from the registration form:

If you wish to pay by other methods, or would like further pricing details, please contact Intervations Technical Support. Please be sure to include the Serial Number for the machine that holds the data, available from Help menu-arrow Register MailCOPA.

Normally, The Registration Key will be sent to you by email, but if you prefer them to be faxed back to you then please ensure you check the "Fax" option at the bottom of the form and enter the fax number to which you wish them to be sent in the appropriate field.

Entering the Registration Key.

If you are using MailCOPA on a standalone machine, then you clearly only enter the Registration Code on this machine.

Where MailCOPA is installed on a number of machines on a network, all accessing the same central data store on a server the Registration Key must be entered into MailCOPA on the server machine.

Click on the Help menu option on the MailCOPA main window and select Register, you will be presented with a dialog box that already shows the Serial Number. Enter the Registration Key into its own box, exactly as it was sent to you.

Thank you very much for registering MailCOPA. We are confident it will give you a great deal of useful service.

IMPORTANT We ask that you please ensure that you safely store the Serial Number and Registration Key in case you ever have the need to reinstall MailCOPA for any reason. Should you lose the registration key we will normally provide a replacement free of charge, though in exceptional circumstances we may make an administration charge.

Should you have questions or problems with the registration, please contact Intervations Technical Support