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Technical Support
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Email support is available free of charge for all customers including those using the Free Trial Version.

If you cannot find the solution to your problem in this help file, please see the FAQ pages on our web site (internet link)

If this still does not provide a solution, please make contact, as appropriate, with our office:

Email: support@mailcopa.com
We guarantee a response to email support within 2 business days, however our response times are usually much quicker than this.

Phone: +1 508-833-1660 (11AM to 4PM EST/EDT)
Although we do offer Telephone Support for the MailCOPA email client we can only do so when staff are available. This is usually between 11AM and 4PM EST/EDT Monday to Friday, excluding US public holidays, but this is not always possible.

Our Email Support, where you will speak to our best support specialists, is however manned 364 days a year for around 15 hours a day.  You will generally get a much faster response and a better answer from our dedicated email support specialists than you will from telephone support.

If for any reason you are unable to send email you can use the support contact form at:


When requesting support please quote the version and date information in the About window, and the version of Microsoft Windows you are using.

Also, please give as much information as possible about how the problem arose (just what were you doing at the time?) and details of any error messages displayed.