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Command Line Parameters
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It is possible to add parameters to the startup command line.

Only one type is currently supported, to avoid the Login box. Several shortcuts could therefore be created, each starting MailCOPA immediately under different user names. Be wary of creating such shortcuts if this would have security implications on your system. Note too that it is only possible to run one instance of MailCOPA on a computer.

The syntax of the command line is thus (assuming the default path has been chosen on installation):

"C:\Program Files\MailCOPA\MailCOPA.exe" /U:username /P:password

Note the positioning of the inverted commas ( " ) around the Path and Name of the main MailCOPA file.

Where a Username has one or more spaces in it, inverted commas should be placed around it thus:

"C:\Program Files\MailCOPA\MailCOPA.exe" /U:"users name" /P:password

The latter parameter may be omitted if no password has been set for this user.