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Installing New Versions of MailCOPA
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MailCOPA will continue to be developed to improve useability and to introduce new features. In particular, there are likely to be improvements to the anti-spam system, to take account of spammers' new tricks to evade such measures.

New versions may be installed over the top of the existing version - there is no need to uninstall.

New versions may include changes to the database - when such a new version is installed, it will automatically change the structure of your data so that this data will not be accessible again by the earlier version.

This means that if you are working in a multi-machine environment, you must update ALL client installations at once, thus:

1.Close ALL installations of MailCOPA - it is very  important that the data is not accessed during the upgrade process.

2.Install the new version on your server machine - any data conversion will proceed fairly quickly as access is very quick on this machine.

3.Start MailCOPA on the server machine to check it is functioning properly.

4.Install the new version on each client machine in turn. Only after a client has been upgraded should MailCOPA be started.

If you have concerns about moving to new versions contact MailCOPA Support for advice before going ahead.

A new Autoupdate feature has been introduced from Version 6, details of which are here. This will only work within the same major version number, eg V6 will only look for V6 updates, V7 will only look for V7 updates etc ... You DO NOT need to autoupdate every client installation at the same time: various versions of the same major version number will always work with the data for that major version. Updates are usually minor bug fixes or improvements.

However, updated full versions of MailCOPA will continue to be made available at the Intervations Website, and can be downloaded at any time. The new version will find the location of your current installation and data and will use these values.

Usually it is unnecessary to restart Windows, and the new version of MailCOPA can be used immediately after the upgrade.

Restoring Data

It is important that you read the information regarding the restoration of data before attempting to access or restore data, due to the possibility of the structure of the database being changed during the installation of a later version of MailCOPA.

If you have any doubts, do please contact MailCOPA Support.