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Minor bug fixes and updates to the spam filtering system make it advisable to issue updates to software from time to time.

Although full update files will be still be available from the Intervations web site, Auto-Update will considerably simplify the procedure, checking (if configured to do so) once each day for an update, and if available, downloading it immediately.

Minor changes are not usually made available via Auto-Update, but will always be available from the Intervations web site. When one or more major changes are made, or a series of minor ones over a period of time, then an Auto-Update will be made available.

The user will however still have full control over their installation. If configured under Preferences - Global, a check will be made for any available updates once each day during the first online session of the day, so the first person starting (or closing) MailCOPA on each machine will be offered the opportunity to install the update.

Note only one installation (Client or Server) needs to make the check and download the update, which will be stored in the database. All installations will be notified on startup, and may then opt to install the Auto-Update. As the file size is quite large (currently around 80MB) there may be a delay on slower networks while it is copied to the relevant machine.

All updates have no effect on the data (on the server machine), it only updates the software on each client used to access the data.

It is also possible to force a check at any time from the Connect dialog

Note that Autoupdate uses TCP port 80 (the standard port for accessing web sites) - if necessary ensure that you can connect to this port through your firewall (if any).

However the check is made (manually or automatically), if new updates are found, they will be downloaded immediately.

Once this has completed, a message will be sent to all installations, and you will be offered the opportunity to install the update when you next close MailCOPA. If you decline this, you will be reminded each time you close or restart MailCOPA.

NOTE for users of Windows 2000 and XP

Updates can only be installed by a Windows user with Administrative rights. Updates will still be downloaded under non-Administrative users, but will not be installed. A reminder will be issued that a change to an Administrative user is required to install them.