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How Can the MailCOPA Email Client Help Me?

The Email Client of the Future

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At InterVations we regularly get asked "Can the MailCOPA email client do this...".  The answer is usually YES as the MailCOPA email client is extremely flexible, but sometimes it's useful to see an example of how things will work.  Here's a few of those questions and answers we have put together for the Web Page to hopefully help you decide on the MailCOPA email program.

Q. I have a network where I could be on a different computer at anytime during the day. How can I keep all my email messages in sync?

A. Business users with a network of machines, either large or small (2 or more), where any or all users need to be able to get their email wherever they happen to login is a snap for the MailCOPA email client. Originally designed for networks, this email client is at home under the most complex network situations.

The MailCOPA email clientallows access to email messages located on a single computer, not necessarily a server, which can be accessed over the network. In reality there is only one set of messages that is accessed by a MailCOPA client on any other machine. As long as the host computer is online, your access to email is unhindered.

Q. Our business uses a single email address that needs to be available to several (2 or more) people at the same time. This is how our help desk operates.  We have looked at other help desk software, but it's not really geared towards email. How can we keep track of incoming, outgoing messages and those responses?

A. If the MailCOPA email client does one thing well, it is track a single mailbox over a network in real-time! Whether you need to have sales people track additional information requests, tech support and help desk people track incoming requests for help or your customer service team relay answers to important questions, the MailCOPA email client is the best email client and help desk software you can get. By accessing a single email account any number of users may see the exact same inbox. When a message is open, flagged for follow-up or deleted, MailCOPA records the changes in real-time on all the machines connected to the network.  There is no chance of two people trying to reply to the same email at the same time.  There is also no chance of your help desk personnel not knowing which messages are current, and which are un-answered.

Q. I have so many email addresses I can't keep track of them all! What can I do?

A. If you are a home or small business user with several email addresses, even dozens, the MailCOPA email client can help. MailCOPA is designed to check multiple email accounts with a single collection. Configuring MailCOPA is a breeze with the simplified Add-User and Add new email account interfaces. All you need to know is your login, password and POP3 and SMTP settings. MailCOPA even imports your default email details on setup.

Q. I need to keep the kids (or co-workers) out of my email (or the kids need to keep the parents out! :) How can we keep our email accounts separate and private?

A. Home or business users who share computers with several family members or co-workers who each want to keep their emails private may easily set-up a new user (Up to five with the base MailCOPA standard license. Other licenses are available, and you can even upgrade later if your household grows.). 

The MailCOPA email program add-user interface is simple. Mangers, network administrators and moms and dads can have a super user account that has access to all others while all accounts have password protection. Each user may have any number of email accounts.

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