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Testimonials and Recommendations for the MailCOPA email program from our users.

A.G. de Leeuw (man.dir.) of Altra Advies & Training, The Netherlands said:

We own a training and business software reseller company in the Netherlands. For a long time we were searching the internet for a good Outlook alternative, after using Outlook for 12 years, and still unhappy with it every day.

Outlook (or Exchange) is complex and not intuitive to use, expensive and bulky on system resources. Simply not worth the money for the simple task at hand; sending and keeping E-mail and keeping a multi-user diary.

We are using MailCOPA for 5 months now, and it works imazingly well! Very reliable, simple to learn and use, very good config. structure, better mail-features than Outlook in the signatures, ALT shortcuts and in other ways. The search option in large mailboxes (over 8000 E-mails) is so much better and so much, much faster than Outlook! The Multi user diary also works great. On our support request about the missing search options in the diary we promptly got an answer; "okay we will do that, we will make it in the next version". Let's try to send Uncle Bill a question like that, and try to get a serious answer back and let's see what happens...

We are very satisfied with MailCOPA and we will do a lot of mouth to mouth advertising for your product in the Netherlands.

A.G. de Leeuw (man.dir.)
Altra Advies & Training, The Netherlands

Dr. Michael T. Bostock of the UK said:

The MailCOPA email client is the most useful email client I have encountered in nearly ten years of Internet experience. In its default setup it is simple enough for any member of my staff to use with very little training as it is totally intuitive. At the same time it has all the features I require as an administrator and as a moderator and enthusiastic member of a number of mailing lists. The security it offers by giving the user total control in order to combat spam and embedded code or dubious attachments in email, which sometimes leaves other email program vulnerable and liable to compromise, ensures that I have few concerns about using it within my practice.

It is email program both suited to the inexperienced user and the demanding system's administrator. Within business, the ability to have email program accessing a shared database over a network, easily administered and monitored, economically, securely, and in total control, especially in an environment where confidentiality is paramount, is of the utmost importance.

I have no hesitation in recommending MailCOPA.

Dr Michael T. Bostock BDS, MGDS RCS, LDS RCS
Dental Surgeon
Wistaria Dental Practice

Carl Fraser of the UK said:

I purchased the MailCOPA email client recently and it has truly revolutionised the way we handle emails. Our company operates several different websites (,, and prior to installing your software, answering emails and keeping track of orders was a very time consuming process. Your email program has made this job a whole lot easier! 

I've only needed to contact your support once, which was for a query during installation. A response was received in just a few minutes, which answered my query fully. Since installing, I have had absolutely no problems with the software and it's performed beautifully. 

The built-in SPAM filters work very well (much better than some i've seen, which cost more than your whole software package!), and the filtering functions provided allow emails to be automatically filed into their correct location for answering by the appropriate team member. This software has saved me personally at least an hour a day. 

I've already recommended this to a friend who has also purchased within a few days of downloading the trial version. He too has been very pleased with this. 

Carl Fraser
Fraser Simpson Associates Ltd

Robert Fricks said:

I must tell you that MailCOPA (and the Support staff) are the best there is and I wish I would have looked for you sooner (it would have saved me much aggravation and money). Your email client is "second to none" and the Support is outstanding. I have written to you twice since purchasing MailCOPA (yesterday) and have received prompt, courteous, and exacting answers. Thanks again for a quality product and professionalism that ranks #1 in this man's book!

Robert Fricks

David Rusk of the US said:

Using the mailcopa email program has changed the way we do business. It's multi-user, networking capability has increased our work output tremendously. Our internet business generates a massive amount of email and the MailCOPA email program allows us to handle it smoothly. No more second guessing if all customers are being taken care of. With customizable message filtering, stationery, built-in SPAM control, and automatic timed email collections, MailCOPA almost runs itself. We have used other email program in the past and none has even come close to doing what MailCOPA has done for us. We highly recommend it for the business environment that wants to get things done.

David Rusk, IT Manager, D. Lawless Wholesale 

John Carmichael of Craft.Ontheinternet, Australia said:

Our mail-order craft supplies business relies completely on the MailCOPA multi-user email program.

As a programmer of 15 years experience I know that all software can fail occasionally.  When we recently had a problem with MailCOPA, I was impressed with the willingness of the InterVations team to do something about it.

Within a couple of days the programmer had contacted me with a fix. It gave me great confidence that we made the right choice. I know that a big multi-national business would not have been that responsive!

We particularly like the ability to colour code and label messages. We use it to indicate what stage an order is up to; printed, invoiced, filled, emailed.

John Carmichael

H. Kibble of WizoMagic said:

The MailCOPA email program provided the answer to our email management problems. It was simple to install, even simpler to use, and has given us a huge edge on customer service.

Strongly recommended.

H Kibble

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