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Features of the MailCOPA Email Client

Other features...


Like to keep your personal and business email together but don't like to look formal to your friends?  With the MailCOPA email client you can set a personality on a per folder basis.  Whilst in your inbox you may use your business email address and sign your message as the CEO of Big Corp you can set the personality of another folder to be your personal email address and sign your message as Johnny Smith.

Message Searching

The MailCOPA email client has an in-built search engine, allowing you to locate a message anywhere in your system within seconds.  Searches can be narrowed down to a single folder, a subset of folders, or your entire folder tree.  In addition you can search the previous results allowing for complex searching.  MailCOPA also includes a standard regular expression search algorithm to allow you to produce some really complex searches.


InterVations appreciates that not everybody uses email the same way we do.  With that in mind MailCOPA has been designed to be totally customizable.  MailCOPA's Preferences screen has settings to change almost every aspect of how the program functions.

Fully Functional Trial 

The MailCOPA email client is offered to you to try as a fully functional trial.  Unlike other email programs available for trial InterVations does not cripple the MailCOPA trial in any way.  Not only that but we will give you full technical support during your trial period.  The only restriction in the trial version is the 10 second delay on startup to remind you that you are still in your trial period.  Why delay, download the MailCOPA Email Client trial version today, you have nothing to lose.

Import your existing email

MailCOPA provides filters to import messages from a wide range of other email software including Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Vista Mail and Eudora.  MailCOPA can also import mail from .eml, text files and Unix MailBox format files (as used by Netscape) allowing email to be imported from a huge range of other software.

Exporting email

InterVations appreciates that as good as The MailCOPA email client is, some people will always prefer to use something different.  MailCOPA can export your messages to .eml,  text files or Unix MailBox format files.  And unlike other email programs, MailCOPA keeps the original RFC822 message formatting totally intact.  This allows your email to be read into other software with no loss of formatting, attachments, or anything else that may come along in the future.

Drag and Drop Attachments

Attachments can either be saved to a location with a right click, or you can drag and drop your attachments straight out of MailCOPA to your desktop, or any other Windows folder.  Attachments can also be dragged in, making sending files a very simple process, just drop the file you want to attach right on to the message you are composing.  MailCOPA can even ZIP your files for you before sending.

Context-Sensitive Help

Although very intuitive, it will take some time to learn all the powerful features in MailCOPA. Until then there is extensive help within the context or window that is currently active.  

S/MIME (Secure MIME) and OpenPGP support

Messages can be signed, encrypted, verified and decrypted.  Relevant certificates can be stored in address books for easy lookup. Requires no 3rd party software to work.

Sharable Diary/Appointments System

Full featured diary/appointments system. Diaries can be shared between users on your network enabling appointments to be viewed and edited by colleagues. Diaries can also be synchronised with Google Contacts allowing you to access your appointments on any other Google Contacts compatible system, like your Smart Phone/Tablet.

Speak Mail Message

Improved accessibility via text to speech support, the MailCOPA email client will speak the text in your emails by simply using a right-click menu option. Great for listening to your emails while you do other tasks.

Stationery (Templates)

Save documents with pertinent information and text ready for your next email.  Use built in Macros to add real time data into your message, or create your own Macros to include in template content.

Spell Checking

Spell checking is fully integrated into the MailCOPA email client.  Words are checked as you type.  Common misspellings are replaced automatically and when an incorrect word is detected, right clicking on it will give you a list of phonetic replacements.

Threaded Message Topics

Allows you effectively 'link' by topic, a number of messages regardless of FROM, TO and SUBJECT lines.  A great feature for all those mailing lists you belong to.  By threading the messages all messages about a particular topic are kept together making chronological following much simpler.

Message Locking

Worried about accidentally deleting that important email.  The MailCOPA email client allows you to lock a message within a folder.  This prevents you from accidentally deleting it, or moving it to another folder.

Interactive and List Downloading

If you still use your email on a dialup or other slow connection those long emails and mailboxes full of SPAM can be really annoying.  MailCOPA allows you to get a list of email that is waiting for you on your mail server.  You can then choose which messages you wish to download.  You can even remove obvious SPAM without even having to download it. 

Automatic Upgrades 

MailCOPA is set to automatically update registered users by upgrading over the Internet. Don't worry, our updates are well tested, useful and download quickly.

Locate Replies

Ever found a message from a customer that you know you've replied to, but you can't find the reply.  The MailCOPA email client will locate all replies for you, no matter where you have moved them in your system.

Locate Originals

Just like locating replies, the MailCOPA email client can locate the original message for you.  If you've found a reply you have written but need the original message, it's simple a click away no matter where you may have moved it to.

Quick Image Viewer

The MailCOPA Email Client contains its own image viewer, compatible with all common image formats.  No longer do you have to wait for your external viewer to load to see attached images.  The MailCOPA email client can display it for you in a flash.

Support for WinMail.Dat attachments

Microsoft Outlook sometimes sends attachments which are unreadable by other email programs.  The MailCOPA email client will decode attachments contained within these files totally transparently.  You won't even realize it's done it.

More To Come...

The MailCOPA email client is constantly in development.  More features are being added to the MailCOPA email client all the time. We always listen to our customers requests for features and are glad to receive comments, criticism and requests for future features.  Our customers are important to us and we hope you will join our growing family very soon.