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Configuration Examples for the MailCOPA Email Client

One User, Multiple Email Addresses

If you are a home or small business user with several email addresses, even dozens, the MailCOPA email client is a snap. Whether you have one or more personal email addresses that you use for various purposes, or you collect business and personal email on the same PC; MailCOPA  has you covered. With the MailCOPA email client you may collect email into the same or different folders. Folder properties allow you to have more than one personality within the same user. Not only can you use multiple email address, but also you may use multiple signatures and different reply to address. You could even use plain text in one personality and HTML in the other. That is not all! You may share settings for accounts by cycling gateways or have "on the road", home and business settings that cycle without changing a thing. Now that is convenient!

The MailCOPA email client is designed to check all your email accounts with a single collection. Configuring the MailCOPA email client is a breeze with the simplified Add-User interface. All you need to know is your login, password and POP3 and SMTP setting. MailCOPA even imports your default email details on setup.

many users one address

One Email Address, Multiple Users

This is where the MailCOPA email client is really unchallenged in the market place.  This feature makes MailCOPA great help desk software.  The MailCOPA email client can track a single mailbox over a network in real-time! Whether you need to have sales people track additional information requests, tech support or help desk people track incoming requests for help or your customer service team relay answer to important questions, MailCOPA is the best answer. By accessing a single email account any number of users may see the exact same messages. When a message is open, flagged for follow-up or deleted, the MailCOPA email client records the changes in real-time.

many pcs one user

One or Many Users, Multiple PC's

Business users with a network of machines, either large or small (2 or more), where any or all users need to be able to read their email wherever they happen to login is a snap for the MailCOPA email client. Originally designed for networks, this client is at home under the most complex network situations.

The MailCOPA email client allows access to email messages located on a single computer, not necessarily a server, which can be accessed over the network. In reality there is only one set of messages that is accessed by a MailCOPA client on any other machine. As long as the host computer is online, your access to email is unhindered.

many users one pc

One PC, Multiple Users

Sharing PC's can be a real deterrent to privacy. Home users and business users with shared office space during different shifts, will benefit from MailCOPA's separate user logins. Users may keep their own email accounts completely private from anyone else using the PC. The MailCOPA email client also makes use of an administrative account so that network administrators may easily add and modify users on a PC. But that is not all. MailCOPA can also share specified accounts across users making MailCOPA great help desk software! Department managers may access employee accounts, parents may have access to children's accounts directly from their user interface.

The MailCOPA email client is simple to set up with parental, administrative and root user accounts. Mangers, network administrators and moms and dads can have a super user account that has access to all others while all accounts have password protection from one another. Each user may have any number of email accounts. Simply choose EDIT USER Details from the CONFIGURE menu and add or modify incoming mail locations to keep accounts private or share across users.

There is more to say but you can experience MailCOPA now and see why network technicians and IT consultants prefer MailCOPA.

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