Timed Mail Collections

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Specialised Mail Collections
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Usually mail collections are automated: MailCOPA goes online, sends any mail awaiting sending, then collects mail for the designated mailboxes, deleting it from the server(s) once it has safely arrived.

However it is sometimes very useful to be able to see what mail awaits you on the server(s) and to elect what to do with it (eg download it but leave it on the server, or delete it without downloading it). This is useful for example in the following situations:

1. You are away from your base, and want to take a quick look at what mail you have without downloading everything in your mailbox(es).

2. You have a great deal of 'spam' mail, or large files that you want to delete without downloading, or leave on the server whilst still downloading your important mail. This method is particularly useful in the event of very large unwanted files in one or more of your mailboxes.

There are two specialised collection methods,

Interactive Mail Download - while online, you can examine the contents of your mailbox(es) and download and/or delete individual messages immediately. This will be useful where you can spend time online without incurring large costs.

Get List of Waiting Mail - go online, get a list of mail waiting in your mailbox(es), and hang up. You can then examine the mail at your leisure, configure what you want to do with each message, then go online again, and MailCOPA will carry out your instructions quicklly and efficiently. This will be useful where online time is costly