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List of Mail Waiting
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This is useful if you can only spend short periods online and wish to selectively download messages, either leaving them on the server, or deleting after download. You can also delete messages from the server without downloading them, eg spam.

It is accessed by selecting the Get List of Waiting Mail option in the Connect Dialog.

You can also opt to have this option always checked when you open the Connect Dialog in Configure menu-arrow Preferences menu-arrow Connect

The principle is that you go online, each mailbox is accessed in turn, a list of mail waiting is assembled, and you go offline.

Offline, you can then examine the list of messages at your leisure, marking each with the action you want taken.

You then go online, and your instructions will be automatically carried out, if you have checked the Retrieve Marked Mail option in the Connect Dialog.

It is also possible to Retrieve Marked Mail immediately (without the need to go offline and then online again) by pressing the Action List button.

You can see from the image below that the basic details of each message are displayed, and you have buttons to indicate the actions you want taken. If you change your mind about a message, you can simply select the message and press another of the buttons above. Your choice will be immediately changed.

You can access the List of Waiting Mail from Mail menu-arrow View Mail for Collection.

Please click on a HotSpot on the image below for further information.