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Use in a Multi-User Environment
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The MailCOPA database is 'active': any changes in the data such as messages marked as Seen, or new messages arriving, are immediately updated on any client installations running.

This means that if several individuals are logged in under the same MailCOPA user name on several machines, and a change is made by one of them to a message (eg it is marked Seen or moved to another folder), then this will immediately be updated on all of the machines.

Similarly if two users are logged in under different MailCOPA user names, and folders are shared between them, any change to the shared folders will be immediately visible to the other user.

Record locking prevents two users replying to the same message: this could be invaluable in a helpdesk situation where many different technicians reply to the same stream of incoming messages. One person can select a message to reply to, and other people would not then be able to reply to it - if they do permission will be refused and they will receive a warning.

Record locking is implemented by default, and there is no user configuration option to turn it off. If you have a special situation where you require record locking to be disabled, please contact Intervations Support. One possible situation is where a user wishes to have two reply editors open to the same original message, which is usually impossible. Overall we believe that it is better to have record locking enabled and for the replies to be made separately.