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Configuration Scope
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Particularly when used in a multi-machine environment, various areas of the configuration of MailCOPA have different scopes.

However, BEWARE that configuration data may be cached and written to the database later, so that if you are logged in from two different machines under the same MailCOPA username, a change in the configuration made on one machine may not become visible immediately to the other. Should this be likely to be a problem to you (it is likely to be rare we think), close down MailCOPA on the machine that made the configuration change, then on the other machine, then restart them both.

All Preferences (except Global, please see that page) and User Details are the same for a MailCOPA User, whatever machine s/he log in from, and whatever Windows User is in use on that machine.

All of the above (apart from Global Preferences) can be set differently for different MailCOPA Users.

Toolbars and window settings are stored locally and will not be available if the same MailCOPA User logs in from another computer, nor if a different Windows User is used on the local machine (they are stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER).

For more information about the differences between MailCOPA Users and Windows Users, please see this page.