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MAPI Server
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Message Application Programming Interface is a messaging architecture which provides a consistent interface for multiple application programs to interact with multiple messaging systems.

This feature allows various applications to send messages or files via email using MailCOPA.

You must first ensure that MailCOPA is configured as your default mail client. Details of how to do this are here.

Now, you can perform procedures such as the following:

1.Selecting Send to mail recipient from the context menu in such applications as Windows Explorer will pass the item from which this was accessed to MailCOPA which will open a Compose New editor, with the item already present as an attachment.

2.Selecting Send from the File menu in Internet Explorer, then Page by email will similarly pass the page currently being viewed to MailCOPA which will open a Compose New editor, with the page already present as an attachment.

3.Similar to (2) above, a link can be sent in the body of an email message, using MailCOPA.

4.In Outlook Express a news item can similarly be sent as an email message using MailCOPA by selecting Forward from the Message menu (in the body of the message) or Forward As Attachment from the same Message menu (as an attachment).